Global Group Brand Manager 

  • Vast Contract
  • 8 jaar ervaring
  • Digitale Marketing

Over deze job

Vedett, Liefmans, Tripel d’Anvers… Duvel Moortgat’s premium beers have all the ingredients to conquer the global market. All they need is a talented, driven and out-of-the-crate-thinking Global Group Brand Manager. Someone who’s champing at the bit to develop the brand strategies, marketing best practices, communication and content plans that will guarantee instant and lasting stardom for our star-studded premium beers. Someone who can lead a team of two brand managers, in close collaboration with our country marketing teams, to the pinnacle of branding success. Someone, perhaps, like you! We’re keen to find out…

Wat zal je doen?

  • As a winter-hardy marketing pro, you know better than anyone that success is built on a solid strategic foundations. Which is why your first order of business will be to develop a clear vision for our beers Vedett, Liefmans and Tripel d’Anvers.
  • You’re creative enough to come up with innovate new ideas on product development, marketing and sales but also pragmatic enough to transform those ideas into an effective annual strategic plan that gets results.
  • Your big-picture thinking knows no borders, which is why close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders as well as local sales and marketing teams from around the world is second nature to you.
  • You see the strategies you develop as roadmaps with a clear destination, and use them to develop ground-breaking campaigns that lead your brands from milestone to milestone.
  • As the guardian of our premium brands, you not only formulate but watch over the brand values and quality standards to solidify the identity and positioning of each individual brand.

Wie je bent

  • Sure, you have a Master’s. But it’s what you do with it that counts! We’re looking for someone with a kick-ass CV to match the degree. A solid 5 - 10 years’ experience will certainly get your foot in the door.
  • Creativity is your middle name. You can think your way out of a box, but also create the clear structures that will help your team of enthusiastic professionals follow your lead.
  • You have a good idea of the direction our brands need to take, the strategic prowess to get there and the talent to convince stakeholders along the way.
  • Igniting passion in others is what gets you up in the morning. And that includes managing your own team.
  • As a seasoned project manager, you have the guts to go for glory, ensuring our brands really take off in their target markets and beyond.
  • You’ve got more than just a sense of humour, maybe a whole barrel!
  • Yes you are a brand manager but there is also digital blood that runs through your veins.
  • You speak the universal language of beer. But when that’s not enough you’re fluent in (written and spoken) Dutch, English and French as well.
  • To you, setbacks are just an invitation to regroup. At the same time, you realise that doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different outcome is the definition of madness.
  • You know what it takes to meet a deadline and can juggle 1 or 2 (or 5 or 6) at the same time.
  • Where others see barriers, you see spring boards. And when others look for excuses, you find solutions.
  • Your instincts lead you off the beaten track and your experience gives you a good indication of what will work and what won’t to spark a revolution and steer our brands to the top.


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Marketing Communications Manager Frankrijk, Rockpanel bij Rockpanel in Roermond
  • Vast Contract
  • 5 jaar ervaring
  • Digitale Marketing

Heb jij de nodige ervaring in marketing en communicatie en kijk je uit naar de volgende stap in je carrière? Rockpanel biedt jou een mooie kans waarbij jij je meer gaat inzetten op tactisch en strategisch niveau en een belangrijke rol gaat spelen in het neerzetten en realiseren …

Roularta Media Group

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  • 6 jaar ervaring
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Nog 82 dagen om te solliciteren

Colruyt Group

Digital Marketeer Website bij Colruyt Group in Halle
  • Vast Contract
  • 3 jaar ervaring
  • Digitale Marketing

Colruyt is het meest bekende merk van Colruyt Group. Als Channel Owner ben jij verantwoordelijk voor het uitwerken van een sterke strategie voor de Colruyt-website. Een topjob voor een creatieve marketeer met analytische mindset!

Nog 61 dagen om te solliciteren

Global Digital Performance Lead SEA - West Flanders via NedWorks bij één van onze klanten
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  • 5 jaar ervaring
  • Digitale Marketing

This international e-commerce player is looking for an ambitious Paid Media Expert to guarantee their further international growth and to help build a Global Digital Competence Center.

Roularta Media Group

Direct Marketeer bij Roularta Media Group in Roeselare
  • Vast Contract
  • 1 jaar ervaring
  • Digitale Marketing

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Nog 18 dagen om te solliciteren


Head of Marketing bij CitizenLab in Brussel
  • Vast Contract
  • 4 jaar ervaring
  • Digitale Marketing

Do you want to join us on our mission to shape democracies for the digital age? Are you looking for an international and fast-paced, yet collaborative and inclusive environment to thrive in? You have come to the right place.

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