Meet The Team

From the beginning, OTA Insight has pushed the boundaries of what is possible to achieve and deliver with data. The three founders were able to identify a market need inside the hospitality industry, and design the tools and techniques that were capable of disrupting it together with their team of engineering geniuses. In this kind of situation, it helped that they were outsiders, because they were able to see the kinds of problems that long-term veterans of the field can miss. And it’s this spirit of innovation and industry renovation that OTA Insight has developed and woven into its company culture.

Kristof Elst

Tech Lead

At OTA Insight you'll belong to a large group of friends, according to Kristof. Discover the interview!

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Mathieu & Paul


Meet Mathieu and Paul, they are both friends and they both work at OTA Insight!

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Matthias & Gino - Founders OTA Insight

Discover the incredible story behind OTA insight

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What Kind of People are we Looking For?

As a scale-up, of course we really value entrepreneurial people, and people who are willing to go out and create things from scratch. This is the kind of passionate mindset of team members who can get themselves motivated and engaged in the technology and in the hospitality industry.

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Junior UI Designer
  • Fixed Contract
  • 2 years experience
Full-stack Engineer
  • Fixed Contract
Data Engineer
  • Fixed Contract
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