Semetis, where online advertising and data meet

Semetis is a digital advertising and business intelligence agency, that prides itself on working with different, forward-thinking clients.
As an expert in Digital Advertising and Digital Business Intelligence, we value quality over quantity.
We’re a bunch of fun-loving geeks who love to go the extra mile!

  • Founded 2009
  • Sector Marketing Consultancy, Reclame
  • Employees 35
  • Location Brussel
  • Average age 28
  • Parity 60%   40%

eBusiness Analyst

Simply put: my role is to  coach people on “How can we do this?’ or ‘How can we do this together?’. I get to share experience with younger staff members, and that’s really exciting.

Dhan Claes

Meet our team

Founded in 2009 by two former Googlers, Semetis is a fast-growing digital and business intelligence agency, committed to developing innovative solutions for our clients. Over the past few years, our team of digital enthusiasts have served both local and global organizations and built up experience in multiple industries like travel, retail, e-commerce (a lot, that is) and finance. Put another way: we are a place where people want and can work on real projects!

Meet the team


Which people are we looking for?

We’re always on the lookout for talented young potentials! We empower newcomers to contribute to new projects from the start and learn from others. Moreover, Semetis has a mixed team with international and local expertise, where everyone is able to work in a fast-paced environment. If you are ready to kickstart a challenging career? Then you might be the perfect fit for us!

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eBusiness Analyst
  • Fixed Contract
  • no experience needed

Why work for Semetis?

1. Strong values 

Transparency is one of our core values, and since we are a value-driven company, it reflects in our day-to-dark work. Our mentality is “sharing is caring”, which translates to open communication across the company. This also means Semetis has proudly jumped on the 'open office' bandwagon, fostering creative collaboration.

2. Personal & professional growth

At Semetis, we believe the growth of each and every individual and the company are inextricably linked. And so everyone gets the chance to do on-the-job learning, work on side projects and go to conferences.

3. Close team

Semetis is proud of its close team: people share knowledge, work together and like to help each other out, too. We offer a lot of during and after-work activities for everyone to join - from beer tastings to business trips (we are obsessed with everything food and travel) and plenty of different sport events. By having some fun together in a cozy atmosphere, we believe we can encourage an even closer team spirit!

4. Strong sense of accountability

We love how everyone is team-oriented with a strong sense of accountability. Semetis thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit, and a culture of trust allows people to work autonomously. As a new employee, you will be assigned a 'buddy' who helps you settle in. Next to that, we will offer you a bootcamp to help you get acquainted with our culture.

Paleizenstraat 44
1030 Brussel, België

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