Dream! Think! Do!

Behind every project at The House of Marketing is a vibrant team of passionate marketers. Each THoMer represents the best of our expertise in the world of marketing. The House of Marketing turns dreams into reality. From vision to strategy to the last implementation mile, we dream, we think and we do.

  • Founded 1994
  • Sector Marketing Consultancy
  • Employees 70
  • Location Diegem
  • Average age 30
  • Parity 35%   65%

Life @ THoM

To me, The House of Marketing means friendships, immersion in marketing and working on great and challenging projects. Thanks to excellent personal follow-up, The House of Marketing gives me the opportunity to become the marketing geek I always was destined to be.

Dennis Peeters - Manager

The THoM team

At The House of Marketing, we’re a team of 70 connected THoMers, dedicated to top-notch marketing. Since 1994, we’ve been working on ambitious projects for clients, large and small. We dare to dream big and challenge the status quo. We’re committed to develop solutions that are bold in the moment and strong enough to be future-proof. Our dedication, along with our innate curiosity, are at the center of our company DNA. Everyone at THoM is always finding a way to go the extra mile and deliver for our clients, even if it takes them outside their comfort zone. We’re entrepreneurial, creative and always ready to help you to go all the way, from inception to final delivery. We like challenges and invite you to tackle them together.


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Which people are we looking for?

At The House of Marketing, we attract marketing enthusiasts who are not afraid of challenging projects. If you’re flexible and have a sense of initiative, you’ll get the freedom to explore your passions and a chance to develop your skills, inside and outside of your domain. There's no shortage of opportunities to grow.

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Marketing Consultant
  • Fixed Contract
  • 2 years experience
Marketing Automation Consultant
  • Fixed Contract
  • 5 years experience
Freelance Marketing Consultant
  • Freelancer
  • 2 years experience

Why work at The House of Marketing?

1. The THoM DNA

We dare to call ourselves the Marketers of the Future. We’re constantly keeping up with new marketing trends and like to stay ahead of them as well. For us, it’s all about daring to reinvent ourselves while staying true to important principles. We draw inspiration and insights both from our young THoMers and the more seasoned marketers amongst us. Everyone contributes with their own personality and spark, which helps us to see the bigger future picture more clearly.

2. Collaborative mindset

Collaboration is the core of what we do at The House of Marketing. That’s why we don’t work with solitary workers, but rather with collaborative specialists who love to share their passion with colleagues. Every month, at our THoMmeetings, we discuss insights and ideas about past or upcoming projects and conferences.  

3. Dynamic & inspiring environment

Each THoMer works in a fast-changing market and collaborates with inspiring clients in a variety of industries. We look beyond classic marketing and go the extra mile to provide dynamic solutions. In addition, we provide plenty of connecting moments with fellow THoMers to generate new energy and to encourage knowledge sharing.

4. Talent support & development

At The House of Marketing, you never walk alone. You get to participate in plenty of knowledge opportunities to feed your hungry marketing mind. You’ll learn both on the job at each client and internally. We frequently host training sessions and workshops to expand our knowledge and skill set, which benefit life at our desk and at home.

5. Intrapreneurship & leadership opportunities

The House of Marketing is a playground to try and test new ideas. That’s why we exclusively work with entrepreneurial team players. Internally, we work in small teams and are able to grow our knowledge at our innovation lab. Our knowledge is then put to use on location at the customer.

6. Challenge & variety of work

At The House of Marketing, we share a passion for marketing and get energized by working on a variety of intellectually challenging projects. We offer opportunities for marketers with expertise in all types of marketing domains and across a large variety of sectors. You’ll definitely be challenged to step out of your comfort zone.


Accessibility by car

From Ghent via E40
From Brussels via E40 or N23
From Antwerp via E19 or E12

Accessibility by public transport

- Train: Station Diegem - Distance 1,5 km
- Bus: Diegem Kouterveld - Distance 500 m

The House of Marketing CVBA
Culliganlaan 2C
1831 Diegem, België

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